About Us

Fraser Engineering Services specializes in providing a range of civil, structural, and transportation related solutions across different industries, and on varied scales.

When you work with this leading engineering, designing, and consulting firm, you benefit through its highly experienced team of engineers, surveyors, and planners. We do, after all, focus on providing cost-effective, client-centric, and sustainable solutions.


Our Services

Traffic & Transportation

Our comprehensive traffic and transportation engineering solutions balance the needs of different users to include public transportation, motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. We also embrace the use of smart technologies, multi-modal systems, and sustainability metrics.

General Civil
Engineering Design

From designing residential and commercial developments, to urban and regional planning, we have you covered. It all starts with the design team developing a conceptual plan and creating a well-defined roadmap for the project team.

Surveying Service

Along with providing flexible schedules and quick response times, we continue to raise the bar when it comes to using the latest equipment, mapping techniques, and data acquisition. What our clients get is a highly efficient and accurate, yet cost-effective, surveying process.

Our Approach

No matter how big or small a project, we approach it with the same zeal and vigor. We aim to bring all our clients’ ideas to life through effective consultation, planning, execution.

Fraser Engineering Services believes in making the impossible possible by thinking out-of-the-box and offering creative solutions. We rely on sustainable business practices and strive to achieve high levels of corporate citizenship through community involvement. Our core values form the heart of our operations, while we tirelessly work toward achieving the goals of our clients and employees alike.

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